Richie originally comes from a professional football background, as such he demonstrates a strong professionalism. This is what first drew me towards Richie’s look and then once I saw him on camera, he had the eyes and cheekbones to capture a great image!

He has a strong character and is willing to stand out from a crowd and also feels comfortable being a part of a team. I believe Richie can bring a new look and attitude to the modelling industry. Since spotting him, he has walked the runway and been involved in fitness shoots with his tall and athletic build. He has a passion for fashion and this shows when he is on the catwalk. He stands tall and captivates his audience.

He is great for fitness campaigns and commercials. This is definitely a new model to watch – he has the potential to go far.

Height: 6’2 / Collar: 16.5″ / Waist: 34″ / Chest: 42″ / Inner Leg: 32″ / Shoe: 11 / Hair: Brown / Eyes: Green